49" Carbon Fiber Tent Pole

49" Carbon Fiber Tent Pole - Alpine Ridge Outfitters

49" Carbon Fiber Tent Pole

 Perfect for cyclists and kayakers who may not be carrying hiking poles for their ultralight tent. 


1.Ultralight,Space-saving and easy to carry.The weight of carbon fiber is only 20% of the steel, so it is easy to carry and it is lighter and more environment-friendly than normal products .

2.Strong strength capacity. Carbon fiber could be 3-5 times stronger than stainless steel.

3.  Size125cm-Packed45cm:  Total length 125 cm, three-segment structure, packed up size 45 cm, main pole size in 10mm outer diameter, using 1.5 mm thick carbon fiber, with an approx 2 cm long aluminum stick on the top. This 2 cm long aluminum accessory can go through the small rings on top of the pyramid type tents. Unit Weight: 81g. This pole is designed to be a replacement of trekking stick. So when you bring this pole instead of your trekking stick, it will help you to save 150g weight.

Many pyramid tents with inner tent have metal loop for the sharp end of the trekking stick to go through so it could hold up the tent firmly. As this carbon fiber pole is designed to replace the trekking stick, we also end with a solid pole that could go through the metal loop.

tent pole126cm







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