Modern Spartan Systems Firearm Starter Kit

Modern Spartan Systems Firearm Starter Kit

Modern Spartan Systems Firearm Starter Kit

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The FOUR HORSES – EVERYTHING needed to OPTIMIZE firearm performance PLUS ONE more Horse

This kit contains all of the products listed below in a handy carrying/storage case that you need to chemically clean, protect and optimize the performance of your firearms.

  • Optimize – Accuracy, Reliability & Functionality
  • Protect & Preserve
  • People & Earth Safe
  • OUR #1 Selling Product

Starter Kit Plus contains:

2oz Accuracy Oil (firearm lubricant & protectant)

  • Accuracy Oil™ - is simply the best firearm lubricant on the planet. The power of this product to reduce friction (90%), protect metal and create a low stick surface at such a high level, gives you the power to “OPTIMIZE” the performance of your guns like nothing else! Watching the video below pretty much explains what you need to know!

2oz Carbon Destroyer (carbon cleaner)

  • Carbon Destroyer™ is the most advanced Carbon removal formula around, plus it is GREEN. Carbon attracts carbon, so you want to remove ALL of it. Carbon Destroyer™ is an aerospace certified, water-based penetrating solvent that cleans above and below the surface, deep into the microscopic gaps of the substrate. It is what is called a “micro-emulsion” (a proprietary blend of water & oil). It truly has “Carbon Blasting” power.

2oz Copper/Lead Destroyer (copper & lead cleaner)

  • Copper/Lead Destroyer™ is the “WEAPON OF CHOICE” for busting out Copper & Lead. It is a super advanced - proprietary GREEN cleaning technology for ALL firearms needing to remove copper or lead contaminants without fear of etching metal.

2oz Crystal Clear (high definition lens cleaner & protectant)

  • Crystal Clear™ is our hidden gem. If you are using SCOPES or BINOCULARS or are looking through eyeglasses or sunglasses, you GOTTA SEE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT. So, we are providing you with the most “Phenomenal” OPTICS CLEANER ON THE MARKET. It is powerful but gentle and safe to use on everything from specialty lenses in your scopes, Smart Phones, fish-finders…, anything with glass or plastic screens that dirty up with fingerprints, dust, and other contaminants.

1/4oz Accuracy Grease (specialty lubricant)

  • Get the most out of your firearms with Accuracy Grease! Our advanced lubricants are designed to reduce friction and increase accuracy, improving your shooting performance. Upgrade your gun care today and get the ultimate precision with Accuracy Grease!

Starter Kit Plus advantages:

  • All the core products plus Accuracy Grease in one safe place
  • Dramatically more effective than the competition
  • Operate synergistically as a “firearm optimization system”
  • Able to create time and money efficiencies for shooters
  • Earth, people & “nose” friendly
  • American ingenuity & America made at its BEST

Additional “GOOD Stuff” to know

Do you want better ACCURACY – RELIABILITY & PERFORMANCE? Everything you do leads to the “all-important shot.” The benefits from the chemical technologies in this Pack produce the WOW factor that makes this one of the best ROI investments that you can make to MAXIMIZE your shooting experience!

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