Introducing The Alpine Ridge Ultralight Bonfire

Now for immediate release!

Tired of Cold wet backpacking trips? Alpine Ridge Outfitters has come to the rescue with the new Ultralight Bonfire.

Our ULTRALIGHT is only 7LBS. The competition can't compete! Our Bonfire Log is the perfect choice in providing a long-burning camping fire for any Camping Trip or Outdoor Gatherings! The L-sized Bonfire Log comes in with a total weight of around 5.7-6.4 lbs, while standing 6” tall and 7.7-9” wide. The camping portable fire also contains a natural Fire Starter!

🔥 100% WOOD LOG: a Wood Log is a Wood Log - you get exactly what you pay for! A sturdy rope handle makes it easy to carry around, and the deep cross-shaped cutout helps to easily start a fire within the fire pit.

🔥 PERFECT FOR ANYTHING: Outdoor Hangouts, Camping, Fire Pits - the Portable Bonfire Wood Log will be of your best help in camping cooking to provide a durable fire source for up to 90 minutes! Moreover, what you’d be left with are a fair lot of red hot embers which would serve as an additional source of heat from the wood fire pit!

🔥 TIME TO COOK: when paired with a skillet and a metal stand, the pinewood log becomes your own camping kitchen! Acting as as a campfire grill, due to its burning longevity, you are able to cook over fire nonstop for up to 1.5 hours! As the embers left from the birch log will continue to provide an excellent heat source even after the firewood burns out, go ahead and ready up your kebabs and marshmallows for the perfect end to your meal!

**Happy April Fool's Day, please always be responsible wherever you camp**

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